SPH Heart Scholars

Feven Araya

Feven is working on a study with Dr. Stephen Carter on dietary supplements for attenuating racial disparities in blood pressure.

Makala Blakely

Makala is working with Dr. Gletsu-Miller to study magnesium uptake in the body when delivered in different compounds. The goal is to determine which is most effective in reducing the risks for cardiovascular conditions like high blood pressure.

Ryli Hockensmith

Ryli is working with Dr. Jon Macy on a prenatal smoking cessation project in rural Southern Indiana counties.

Emily McCaffrey

Emily is working with Dr. Kit Elam to examine the relationship between inhibitory control and peer influence on physical health outcomes such as obesity, cardiovascular disease, chronic pain, and sleep.

Michelle Owsley

Michelle is working with Dr. Nana Gletsu Miller on a study to determine differences in bioavailability among over the counter magnesium supplements, which may be used to promote cardiovascular health.

Macie Tarr

Macie is working in Dr. Zac Schlader’s laboratory on a project investigating whether the occupational heat stress recommendations protect workers from kidney dysfunction.